Education Within The Scaffolding Industry

Site-Wide Scaffolding is committed to ongoing education within its people and the Sydney scaffolding industry.  On-going education provides our people with the knowledge that underpins the results we achieve. 

With standardised work processes for each task we ensure quality management, work health and safety, social responsibility and environmental management policies are adhered to, enabling our employees to be high performing people which in turn leads to a skilled, safer and highly engaged team that value themselves and your assets that are being worked on.

People who are trained and competent in the correct scaffolding installation, modification and dismantle processes and practices provide safe reliable results, in-turn we provide a value add service where asset management is predictable.

Educating our people is fundamental to their self-value, their worth, helps to promote a sense of stability for our people and gives them a secure future. 
Our team are current alumni of RMIT University, UTS, and UWS, while current students are currently enrolled at UNE, TafeNSW and AIM. 

The Stronger The Foundation, The Stronger The Build!