Our 5-Step Framework gets results!

How We Operate

A 3-Ply Foundation Supporting Our 5-Step Scaffolding Framework

Our business, like any quality business, runs on preplanned systems. We start with a 3-ply foundation of strength which ensures that our system runs smoothly every time. 

Supported by that foundation our Policies and Procedures were developed in a 5-step framework to ensure maximum satisfaction with minimal stress to our clients. This ensures we achieve the same outcome every time – Success without the usual stress.


During the process, you can be assured that we respect the fact that your documents are “your business” and as such, will maintain complete confidentiality in everything we do.


We will also maintain complete transparency throughout the process of quoting prospective jobs and will provide the necessary detail so that you can make an informed decision.


Our Systems include Scaffold Information Modelling. This ensures planning and scheduling certainty at every site, increased safety and profitability for every project.

The Stronger The Foundation, The Stronger The Build!


Weekly Rate Per Sqm (5 Day Week)

.45m Board Scaffold


.45m Board with Hop-Up


.73m Board Scaffold


.73m Board with 1 Hop-Up


.73m Board with 2 Hop-Up


1m Board +


scaffold hire prices Sydney

  • Minimum charge of $250.00 (up to 200sqm) per week including a ladder access
  • Stair access charged at an additional $5.00 per verticle meter
  • Layher Allround discounted labour rate of 10% off all contract works
Need more info? Please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Stress-Free From The Quote!

The Stronger The Foundation, The Higher You Can Build!

Our goal is to ensure that we go above and beyond for each client. We respect your time. We understand that when you need a quote, you need priority. We respond to enquiries promptly and provide a representative to meet you onsite to discuss your requirements.

Our quoting process is transparent – so your quote will contain all the detail you need to make an informed decision that you won’t regret later. We respect your privacy and as such, we maintain complete confidentiality at all times.

Also, we know that your foreman and site managers have busy schedules. So we provide a dedicated leader to ensure no-hiccups from estimation to removal.

The 5-Step Scaffolding Framework You Can Rely On!

Our 5-Step Scaffolding Framework is really a client-centric systematisation of common sense. Each step cannot be achieved without its predecessor. The effort that goes into each step will bolster and support the next step of the process. 

  • Step 1 - Listen

    There is nothing worse than not being listened to. We put our clients first, listening to their needs and by doing so ensure that what we quote is what is needed. It also ensures that our planning is done correctly.

  • Step 2 - Plan

    Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. From labour and logistics to the end product, we work with our clients to plan your project creating certainty in what we say we are going to do.

  • Step 3 - Design

    Using AutoCad and Layplan plugin we can design even the most bespoke and technical scaffolds. By having a design, you know what you're getting, you can see the end result in advance.

  • Step 4 - Install

    Having listened, planned and designed your project now it’s time to install your scaffolding. All our scaffolders are competency assessed and provide a seamless no stress installation.

  • Step 5 - Handover

    Handing over our product is what we take pride in. We walk through everything that's been built, ensuring it's 100% safe and effective for use. We provide a detailed handover certificate as per Australian Standards.